Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest Traffic
Pinterest first came onto the scene in 2010, it was labelled as social media platform for women and was not given another thought for quite a while. It was known as a scrapbooking paradise for women. But that was not the case.
But, the Pinners kept on pinning and in no time the platform became host to billions of pins. Yes, there’s a lot of recipes and dream weddings but also there’s also a lot of business tips and entrepreneurship.
As the platform kept growing, we learnt it’s really a visual search engine on which one can be social.
Now let’s take a look on the astonishing steps on how to gain traffic on Pinterest.

1.Sign Up for a Business Account

Signing up for a business account on Pinterest is as easy as signing up for a personal account. Or, if you already have a personal account, but want to switch to a business account, it’s easy to do that too.

To create a new account, just go to Pinterest’s website, enter your email address and create a password later click Continue. The other option is that you can use Facebook or Google account.

2.Focus on your copy description

Each pin must have a description below it telling the reader what is the pin about. For bloggers, your blog title and description of your post should be enough.

But, to maximize your pin’s potential, you have to do more than that. According to Pinterest’s data of over 9,000 pins, they discovered what makes a great pin.

For high engagement your pin needs to be:

  • Helpful – Your pin must have a spot-on description which makes it easy for pinners to find your pin. A helpful pin receive approximately 30 to 35% more engagement.
  • Detailed – Explain your pin in one or two sentence but it should give the pinner enough information to click through your blog.
  • Interesting – Use words which has positive sentiments.
  • Actionable – The description must have a call to action. Using phrases “click to find out more” it increase approximately 80% in engagement.
  • To promote and market and your content, remember to incorporate SEO-friendly keywords      in your description and be concise. Also, adding pins with 200 characters are repinnable. And adding some relevant hashtags won’t hurt anybody.

3.Pin at the right time.

Hundreds of pins are shown on Pinterest every hour of every day. Let your pin shine the brightest amongst all.
One of the most successful strategy is to find the best time and the best day to pin.From analysing the data, it looks like the best time to pin is on Saturday morning. And the worst time to pin is during normal working hours – which makes sense.

But, if you want to target your audience you may want to take a step further and look at where your audience comes from and how they much they spend their time on Pinterest.

You can find out your audience’s demographics using Pinterest analytics. It helps to paint a better picture and on what time the pin must reach the targeted audience.

4.Create pin-worthy images

What makes Pinterest so addicting is the images which the bloggers pin. The best images are optimized for maximum engagement.

It has to be the right size

The image is stunning

Include text in your image

Wrapping it up, Pinterest is the fastest growing social network since 2014 and growth is still going strong.

For bloggers, it can be playground to test your image-making skills and marketing skills. To see results from Pinterest – clicks back to your site – try using these steps:

  • Sign up for a business account
  • Pay attention to your description copy
  • Pick the right time and day to pin

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