Ghost Followers on Instagram – Demystified

Ghost Followers on Instagram – Demystified
Let’s admit it, every single one of us is guilty of spending hours on Instagram to capture that perfect selfie, the perfect #foodporn pic or the perfect #wanderlust landscape. Only to be inevitably followed by that gut-wrenching heartbreak of hardly any likes (or comments, if you are so inclined), despite having plenty of followers. If this has ever happened to you, I bet you have some ‘Ghost Followers’ in your account. But not to worry, we’ve got you covered on how to identify ghost followers and bid adieu to them.
What is a Ghost Follower?
Put simply, ghost followers are effectively dead to your account. They give you an envious-looking follower count, but they never engage with any of your content. Ghost followers are usually created by bots. If a follower ticks any of these pointers, you might want to remove them because they are probably a ghost follower:
● They have 0 followers and 0 post
● They have no profile picture
● They have more following than followers
● They haven’t posted anything during the last 30 to 60 days.
● Their username is bizarre or filled with irrelevant numbers

Are Ghost Followers harmful to your account?
For some users, ghost followers are hardly an issue as they still add to the follower count. But for people, and particularly brands, who need engagement and sales from their content, ghost followers are a big problem.
For example, if a brand with 1,000 followers gets 100 total engagements, then the average engagement rate is a respectable 10%; but if some other brand has 10,000 followers and still only 100 engagements, the engagement rate drops to a paltry 1%. This means lesser of the latter brand’s posts would appear in its genuine followers’ feeds, since the new Instagram feed algorithms prioritises highly engaging content.

How to remove Ghost Followers from your account
You can remove these ghost followers manually as well as with the help of some tools that are easily available.
For manual ghost follower removal, simply follow these steps:
● Go to your profile page
● Tap on your followers tab
● Pick out the ghost followers using the criteria above
● Tap on the symbol with three vertical dots on the right side of the ghost’s name.
● You will then receive a choice to remove him/her from your followers.
● Click yes and you’re done, they are no longer your followers!

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