Facebook Engagement Decline

Facebook Engagement Decline
It’s no secret that Facebook has always worked for their users, so that they can view the most relevant content on their feeds. But over the years we have noticed an extensive decline in the organic reach of business pages, this is because of the continuous changes in the Algorithms of Facebook. Every time a user logs in to Facebook, he/she are bombarded with 1500 irrelevant posts on an average. Of these 1500 posts only 300 such posts are relevant and important enough to that particular user. Due to the huge number of posts on Facebook from pages, users miss out the content that is important to them. The content from their friends, family or any work related posts gets ignored because of the pages post.
Facebook has started scrutinizing posts and reducing organic reach
to drive brands to invest more budget into their business pages,
through Facebook Adverts. They are deliberately attacking any form
of Engagement baiting on the handle, If there is any particular bait
such as vote bait, share bait, comment bait, etc. then the posts with
such content will not be visible in the newsfeed.

How to avoid the decline in organic reach and keep your posts boosted.

1. Short and Precise Content- Make sure the posts on your page
is relatable to your service. Giving perfect information in a
single post is more effective than bombarding them with many
2. Use of videos – Videos are really trending on Facebook these
days. People enjoy watching short videos that give them
information. It is the most effective medium to interact with

3. Engagement ads – Boosting the posts will help reach the
targeted audience. In all these years, Facebook has evolved as a
paid platform. If a Brand uses paid advertising on Facebook, it is
more effective for business.

4. Be specific about your Target audience – Knowing your target
audience well help you create the best content for your social
media. If you are targeting a specific age group or a community,
you’ll know what type of content you have to post.

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